About Us

Our Vision

We aim to be the most efficient organization serving medical industry to enter China with our unparalleled expertise and global vision

Our Organisation

J MedTec is the set of four companies founded by several common shareholders to support US/EU medical technology companies to grow a solid business in China. J MedTec’s core competence include China strategy, China Regulatory and Clinical, China localization, China sales and distribution, and funding.
we also help China medical device companies acquire US/EU technologies and gain US/EU market access.

JMedTec provides NMPA regulatory and clinical services to medical device and pharmaceutical companies to gain China market access. J MedTec plays a key leading role among the portfolio companies to identify US/EU partners and technologies, and help US/EU companies’ China strategy, China business execution, and funding.

SunMed Capital is a VC fund focusing on the early stage investment for medical devices.

Artisan MedTech is a medical device incubator, a medical device contract development and manufacturing organization in the city of Hangzhou. It partners with US/EU technology companies for their efficient China localization execution, and it provides services in the manufacturing and co-development of the device (or device components).

KAI MedTech Shanghai and its subsidiary in the US is a device company focusing on innovative neuro-intervention device development.


Chao Xu Ph.D, CEO of JMedTec, Venture Partner of SunMed Capital

Former General Manager, Osmunda Europe Expertise: R&D, China and EU Regulatory Affairs.

An Liu, CEO of Kai MedTech, CEO of Artisian MedTech,Venture Partner of SunMed Capital

Former General Manager of NAMSA APAC. Expertise: Global regulatory strategy, China business, device R&D platform.

Joshua Benjamin, VP R&D of Kai MedTech, VP R&D of Artisan MedTech

Former R&D director in 4 startups sold to global corporations. Expertise: Research and Development

Michael Wang, Founding Partner of SunMed Capital

Former BioVenture Partner, Former R&D and BD director in Medtronic Expertise: Medical Device Investment