General Manager of J MedTec participates the Sino-Israel Technology Innovation Cooperation Forum as a round-table speaker

Shenzhen, China – Sino-Israel Technology Innovation Cooperation Forum in Shenzhen on May 15th, 2018 attracted more than Chinese and Israeli 300 entrepreneurs to promote the communication and collaboration between both countries. The general manager of J MedTec Dr. Zhaohui Li participated the Forum as a round-table speaker in the section of “What are the type of collaborations between China and Israel and the best way to execute it”.  Dr. Li suggests that Israeli medical device companies which aims to enter China shall follow three steps: First, do a detailed market analysis including potential market size, target customers and regulatory barriers; second, find reliable collaboration partners who are professional, supportive and with mutual benefit; third, set up an efficient team with good communication skill to the headquarter. Also, short term and long term visions shall be considered. The short-term aim is usually to reach a  commercial success in China, and long-term vision is more important for a sustainable development: How my company and product to improve the local people’s welfare? How my company can expand into new emerging markets in Asian-pacific regions with a firm stand point in China? How the global business benefits from the establishment of Chinese business?

The audience found the comments of Dr. Li were very inspiring and had follow-up discussion after the section.