Overview of the Most Important Medical Device Regulations in China (Continually updated)

This page gives a summary of the most important medical device regulations in China, so regulatory professionals who are in charge of global regulatory management and do not speak Chinese can easily follow changes of the regulations. The regulations are available officially in Chinese. Any regulations provided in English are generated by JMedTec.

Update History of the Page

Mar/03/2019 Generate the Information Page


Medical Device Law

Provisions for Medical Device Supervision and Administration (State Council Order No. 680), issued on May 4, 2017, (Chinese version)



Provisions for Medical Device Registration (NMPA Order No. 4 in 2014), issued on July 30th, 2014 and effective from Oct/01/2014, (Chinese version).

Announcement for Medical Device Registration Dossier Requirements and Certificate Template, issued on Sep/05/2014 (Chinese Version).

Announcement for Matters on Class I Medical Device Notification (No. 26 in 2014), issued on May/30/2014, (Chinese version).


In-country Representative

Provisions for China Agent of Imported Medical Device (draft), issued on Dec/24/2018, (Chinese version).


Clinical Evaluation

Guidelines for Medical Device Clinical Evaluation, issued on May/19/2015, (Chinese version).

Guidelines for Overseas Medical Device Clinical Trial Data Acceptance, issued on Jan/10/2018, (Chinese version).

List of Devices Exempted from Clinical Trials, (Summarized by JMedTec in Chinese version).


Clinical Trials

Good Clinical Practice, issued on Mar/01/2016, (Chinese version).

Guidelines for Medical Device Clinical Trial Design, issued on Jan/10/2018, (Chinese version).


Post-Market Vigilance

Provisions for Medical Device Adverse Event Monitoring and Re-Evaluation, issued on Aug/13/2018 and effective from Jan/01/2019, (Chinese version)

Provisions for Medical Device Recall, issued on Jan/25/2017 and effective from May/01/2017, (Chinese version).


Classification and Category

Rules for Medical Device Classification, issued on Jul/14/2015, (Chinese version)

Category and Classification List of Medical Devices, issued on Aug/31/2107, (Chinese version)


Audit and Inspections

Provisions for Drug and Medical Device Unannounced Inspection, issued on Jun/29/2015 and effective from Sep/01/2015, (Chinese version).

Provisions for Drug and Medical Device Overseas Inspection, issued on Dec/26/2018 and effective from Dec/26/2018, (Chinese version).



Provisions for Medical Device Manufacturing, issued on Jul/30/2014 and effective from Oct/01/2014, (Chinese version)

Medical Device Good Manufacturing Practice, issued on Dec/29/2014, (Chinese version)

Appendix of GMP: Sterile Medical Devices, issued on Jul/10/2015, (Chinese version)

Appendix of GMP: Implanted Medical Devices, issued on Jul/10/2015, (Chinese version)


Guidelines for a specific device

The NMPA (ex-CFDA) has also published lots of product-specific guidelines for technical review and clinical trials. Please see the List of guidelines summarized by JMedTec